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Turkey Citizenship by Investment and Second Passport: Turkey is a transcontinental country that benefits significantly from its geostrategic location. Turkey has a wealth of natural beauty, cultural values, historical structures, and geographical advantage. Turkish citizenship by Investment Program (TCBI) was launched in January 2017 to support growth in the real estate sector, business sector and banking sector through foreign investors from all over the world. Foreign investors can receive their Turkey citizenship in 3-4 months.

Turkey Program is available through following Options

Type of Investment

Real Estate, Govt. Investment, Job Creation

Time to Citizenship

 3 – 4 months

Minimum Investment

$ 400,000

Visa free Countries

110+ Including Hong Kong, Japan & Singapore

Turkey Citizenship by Investment and Second Passport Benefits

Turkey is the sixteenth biggest economy on the planet, Turkey flaunts a youthful powerful populace. Turkey is a member of NATO and the G20 and candidate country to join the European Union. Turkey does not require an applicant to take any language test nor do they need to reside or visit the country. Turkey passport holders can vote, purchase property, hold dual citizenship, as well as live and work in the country.

Turkey passport holders are privileged with numerous benefits:

How to Apply and Obtain Turkey Citizenship and Passport

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