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The Spanish residency program was launched in September 2013. The Spanish government has granted residency to investors who seek to make a qualified investment in the country to strengthen the economy through foreign direct investment. The Spain Residence by Investment Program is the most efficient option for anyone who wants to live in this vibrant country to obtain such status. Individuals and their immediate family members can become permanent residents of Spain in less than a month under this program.

Spain Program is available through following Options

Type of Investment

Real Estate

Time to Citizenship

2 – 3 months

Minimum Investment

€ 500,000

Visa free Countries

Schengen Countries

Spain Residency Benefits

Spain is a highly sought-after investment destination and one of the most desirable destinations in the world. Every year, millions of visitors come to enjoy the country’s stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, diversified culture, and rich history.

Spain residence holders are privileged with numerous benefits:

How to Apply and Obtain Spanish Residency.

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